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The interactive world demands that we tell stories in more forms,

but the basic editorial values of accuracy, clarity and objectivity are

as important as ever.  The challenge to journalists is to

learn new ways to tell stories without sacrificing those core values.

Coaching on editorial quality

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The shift to interactivity means the newsroom needs to learn new skills.  In addition to the changes in workflow, individual staffers will have to add to their abilities to satisfy the needs of the new distribution platforms the company has added.  Whether you are adding video and audio to a print operation or adding print to a broadcast newsroom,  the staff  will be asked to handle a broader range of formats while holding firm to the company’s core values.


Interactivity can help:


Coach managers in leading the transformation to a multiskilled newsroom.



Identify  the skills that need to be added to the news operation, and prioritize them.



Identify  the staffers whose abilities most match the new multimedia needs and design a

   training program for them.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Design group training to teach the general skills and mind-set necessary to add new media

   platforms to the newsroom’s capabilities.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Conduct the training if desired.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Train individual staffers in their performance, to hone specific skills in on-camera (or behind the

   microphone) presentation, writing and producing.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Monitor performance and provide periodic status reports on the progress in adding these

   skills to the newsroom’s portfolio of abilities.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Principal Brad Kalbfeld has experience in each of these areas, having played a key role in training the Broadcast staff of The Associated Press in gathering and producing video and audio as well as writing and editing broadcast copy.  As a member of the team that launched AP’s management mentoring program, he’s experienced in coaching managers.  In addition, he led the effort to train AP’s national network of broadcast editors in editorial standards and style as well as customer service.