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Welcome to Interactivity

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Who I Am

I’m an energetic, creative, curious guy who loves a good challenge.  My father was a mechanical engineer.  My mother was an artist.  My brother is a physicist and my sister could sell anything to anyone.  I’m a mix of all of them, in fairly equal proportions.  I like using all of the tools in my kit.  When I was in my 20’s I went to work for The Associated Press, a company that’s all about integrity in its journalism and its business dealings.  I stayed for more than 31 years because the company had great values and there was always an exciting new challenge to tackle.  I’ve been a reporter, an anchor, a writer, an editor and an executive.  I’ve written a book and many computer programs. I’ve built newsrooms and businesses.  I’ve appeared on TV and radio and been interviewed many times.  I’ve loved each one while I was doing it.




Digital technology has changed the ground rules of the media business.  

Print, radio and television are one-way  transmission systems that are losing ground in advertising revenue and audience.  What has changed?

All media can now be interactive.  

That means all media companies need to adapt to a world in which interactivity governs content and the business model.

What I Do

I build things and I solve problems.  I try to anticipate where things are going and prepare for it. I try to think outside the box.  Eight years ago, I set up a program to train AP’s radio reporters to shoot video.  The first AP reporter to visit the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay was one of those all-platform people: he wrote print copy, shot video and stills, and did radio reports.  In the late 80s I proposed that AP start an interactive graphics business, allowing TV stations to search our database of graphics and graphic elements.  It sounds so routine now, but back then, few people understood the concept of an interactive online database.  (Public access to the Internet was still in the future – we did it by building a dial-up network for AP television stations. AOL was doing the same thing, on a public scale, at about the same time.)  AP GraphicsBank transformed the television graphics business.  


I “speak” journalism, technology and strategic planning; by meshing all three, I find ways to create new products and bring in new revenue while always, always safeguarding editorial standards.  I help train people – whether it is mentoring an up-and-coming manager or working with someone on their writing or on-air delivery.  I find ways to do things more efficiently without messing up the quality.  I help set up systems to make sure people know their business, so they can make intelligent decisions. I give people the 30,000-foot view and I get into the details, because that’s where projects succeed or fail and that’s where budgets get met (or not).


Why I Do It

Because making new things and solving problems is fun.  I thrive on using all of the skills I’ve sharpened over my various experiences at AP and in my life as a broadcaster.  I love being enthusiastic and hate being bored.  Give me an intimidatingly complicated challenge and I’ll set about breaking it down into small pieces that we can tackle together.  Show me a new technology and I’ll figure out how a media company can use it profitably.  I’m as comfortable in the world of fiber and streaming video and audio codecs as I am in the world of pro forma financials and operating budgets.  More than that, I like touching all of those worlds in my work: it enables me to see things holistically.  When I get up in the morning I want something exciting to look forward to, to pour my energy and creativity into – that’s what makes a job fun.


Specific Services

Interactivity provides expert consultation in digital media planning and execution:


Integrated content, business and technology planning.  Advice on revenue strategy,  

  understanding what costs of a product will be – and how to control them – drafting of pro

  forma financial plans and product proposals.


Coaching on editorial quality.  Working with your news leaders or directly with your staff

  on performance issues such as on-camera presentation, integrated print, video and audio

  newsgathering, and writing and editing copy for video and audio.


Coaching on multimedia workflow.  Working with your news leaders or directly with your

  staff on transforming your content workflow to support video, audio, still images and text.

  From content planning to execution of coverage – newsgathering and production –

  implementing an efficient, unified, editorially sound process.


Interactivity can help improve quality, efficiency and revenue.  We help ease the transition to the interactive era.