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Coaching on multimedia newsroom workflow

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Don’t underestimate the cultural change a newsroom goes through when it moves from serving one platform to serving many.  Part of the change is training the staff.  Another critical element is changing the daily workflow, from story planning to field coverage to production and transmission of the final product.  All of these elements must be coordinated.


Interactivity can help:


Analyze the existing workflow to identify critical tasks and those that can be adjusted to

  enable multimedia operations.  This includes observation of the newsroom’s operations as well

  as discussions with staffers and news executives.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Suggest specific workflow changes to the news management team or design a new workflow

   for the team’s consideration.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Design an implementation plan including communications, training and execution to ensure a

  smooth changeover from old workflow to new.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Design group training sessions to communicate the goals and teach the principles involved in



Conduct the training if desired.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Coach managers in leading the transformation to the new workflow.  SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS


Principal Brad Kalbfeld has experience in each of these areas, having led the transformation of the Broadcast newsroom of The Associated Press to a full video-audio-graphics-text newsroom.  His experience in analyzing and redesigning newsroom workflow and technology, and inaugurating those changes as part of a fully integrated business plan, can help your company make significant changes smoothly and effectively.

Most newsrooms were built for one purpose:
to produce coverage for a
single medium - print, television or radio.
The transformation of the media market means
these newsrooms must
reinvent themselves as multimedia operations.
It’s more than a workflow change.  
It’s a new way of thinking about newsgathering and production.